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Do you want to work with a professional, reliable, friendly and positive coach who has helped hundreds of clients achieve outstanding results?

As an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Julie provides tailored services with passion, purpose and honesty. She offers encouragement, promotes self-development, increases happiness and assists you to release inner potential!

Julie’s accomplished client success rate from application to interview currently stands at 80%, so if you are after a professional coach and writer that has exemplary standards and achievements, then give Julie a call.

Julie has a range of experience, tertiary qualifications and skills that include: Australian Public Sector Specialist Writer; Human Resource Management; Recruitment and Selection; Career Development; Personality Profiling; Leadership Coaching, Project Management and Policy Development.

Over the past 17 years, Julie has worked across several Government departments and offered consultancy work in relation to HR, Outplacement Services and Recruitment. She is also trained in writing and assessing selection criteria, preparing government applications and conducting interview coaching.

Julie is dedicated to coaching professional individuals aged between 30 and 50 years to choose careers that align to their core values.


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Julie Street

Julie Street

Life Career Coach

Julie is located in Brisbane and offers in person, phone or ZOOM coaching sessions.  *Please note if you are using GMAIL/YAHOO/HOTMAIL email servers, any responses sent from Julie as a result of an enquiry submitted below, may go into your junk folder. Thank you for your enquiry. 

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    COVID19 Job Search Updates

    It is still a tough environment looking for work or thinking about your career options in this economic environment.  However recent data from SEEK.COM indicates a small rise across several occupational groups.  To inform your job search strategy, take a closer look at where the job ads are now.

    Unfortunately, COVID-19’s impact on the Australian employment market has been swift and far-reaching.  As Australia begins its long road to recovery, there are promising signs that the job market is making progress.  For example, during the fortnight ending 31 May, job advertisements increased by 49.2% compared to the April 2020 average. 

    It is important to note that these numbers are a long way from where they sat before COVID-19.  According to SEEK the job ad volume is half of what it was in May 2019.  Yet it seems Australia is slowing turning a corner, and with restrictions easing, job growth will return.   

    The fastest changes in job ad growth are Hospitality & Tourism, Education & Training Trades & Services, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics and Healthcare.  All states and territories have seen an increase in job ads, and Queensland leads the charge with the largest growth in the past fortnight, up 62.5%.

    The Consumer Services sector has shown the biggest growth in job ads.  This has included administration/office support, retail assistances and hospitality/bar attendant roles.   Other sectors showing strong improvements are Construction, the Public Sector (Government) and Industrial.

    Key jobs that have been advertised and seem to be increasing include the following list:

    • Nursing (Aged Care and General Medical)
    • Physiotherapy
    • Psychology, Counselling & Social Work
    • General Practitioners
    • Mechanics
    • Labourers
    • Fitters & Turners
    • Electricians
    • Developers/Programmers & System Analysts
    • Software Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Warehouse & Distribution Officers
    • truck Drivers
    • Assembly & Process Work
    • Machine Operators
    • Engineering & Maintenance Officers

    So, if any of these career options attract your interest, or you are looking for more work, be sure that you are ready to submit your application or resumé.   A client informed me recently that his application for an Administrative Support Officer in a large Queensland Government was one of 350 applications.  Competition is super fierce!  

    While the above is good news for job advertisements, applying for roles requires persistency, patience and a high level of optimism.  My key tips are:

    • ensure your resumé is up to date
    • keep focussed on your job target
    • increase your online networking
    • conduct a thorough job search twice a week  
    • remember to reach out if you require professional assistance

    COVID-19: Job Updates & Tips for Career Survival

    With the nation’s unemployment figures continuing to rise in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, finding work has become immensely challenging for many Australians.  Businesses are closing, yet some are thriving because they leveraged online channels and remained adaptable to change.

    Recently I participated in a national Career Development Association of Australian (CDAA) survey with all our members.  The following are job tips and career updates come from many career practitioners, including myself and summarise how you can maximise the chances of finding work and as the “new normal” emerges.

    1. Keep looking for work.  There are still work opportunities available, although they are reduced and different.  Don’t stop your job searching routine.  This can mean scheduling two job searches each work on different job boards (see links below). Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Telstra, Dominos’ and BHP are all hiring.
    2. Stay on top of changes to the labour market and opportunities, being creative yet true to yourself, in what you apply for and how you present yourself.
    3. Edit your resumé with current changes in your job and make sure you market your sought-after skills.  This includes increasing your digital presence and use every network contact that you have via social media, LinkedIn or even via phone/email.
    4. If you are a sole trader or part of a small business, go with the latest trend of moving services online.  For example, Pilates and Yoga studios now offer at-home classes online, often for a fraction of the cost.  All my coaching services can be delivered online as well.  You could even start up online tutorials and webinars.
    5. While some Australians may be feeling hopeless during these difficult times, it is important to keep planning for the future.  Think about upgrading your skills through online courses and volunteering if it is a safe option.
    6. When seeking work, looking after your mental and physical health is crucial, and people should seek help if they are at risk.  Check in with yourself each day, acknowledge any challenges and write down the opportunities you have in front of you.  Support organisations are available such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue and 1800 RESPECT.
    7. Trust in your own resilience.  Resilience is accepting your new reality.  Take a deep breath and start building new coping strategies to ensure your bounce back.  Please ensure you do not also place unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Practice mindfulness and be self-compassionate, kind and respectful to yourself as you would give to others.  You are doing the best you can!  A great mindfulness App is Smiling Mind.

    Labour Market Employment Insights

    • An excellent resource on how to stay current with your skills and what employers are seeking during this change.  Plus, there are many more links available on this government website.

    MOOCS – Free Online Learning

    • A great way to study online and keep learning new knowledge and skills.  These courses vary in topics and once finished you can include them in your resumé under Education & Training.

    LinkedIn Learning

    • Previously Lynda.com, this has been bought by LinkedIn.  You can register for a one-month free trial.

    Queensland Care Army – Volunteering

    • Volunteering will enhance your employability skills and you get to connect with many new people.  Any recent volunteer work counts towards experience!

    COVID-19 Jobs Hub

    • A fantastic job site link across Australia for openings that you can apply for directly.  Remember to be truthful in what type of work best suits your needs, personality and values.

    Given the current situation, I am extending my 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to 30-minutes.  Plus, I am reducing my resumé writing fees by 30% until 30 June 2020.  Total price for an updated resumé is $245.  This is for a limited time only so if you or your family/friends need career support, please reach out via email for more information.  This is a short-term “new” human experience and we are all in this together so build upon our resilience.  Stay healthy, safe and optimistic everyone!  

    Lying on your resumé is seriously bad news

    Have you may be altered the truth or blatantly lied on your resumé?  It’s been done before and it is by far the worst thing you can do when applying for a job.   As a certified resumé writer, I consistently provide clients with one concrete piece of advice.  Under no circumstances, do you provide false or misleading information on your resumé.  Never lie or fabricate documents or referee statements either.   Why?  If you were employed from an inaccurate and untruthful resumé guess what, it could lead to a potential conviction or even gaol time!

    A couple of years ago a former senior public service official lied on her curriculum vitae (CV) to secure her lucrative South Australian Government position.  She was sentenced in gaol for at least 12 months.  Veronica Hilda Theriault, 45, was the Chief Information Officer within the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). In september 2017, she was charged with deception, dishonestly dealing with documents and abuse of public office in September 2017.  Judge Boylan stated that Ms Theriault also gave the DPC false references as part of the job application.  She has arranged for her brother to supply a reference to the department stating he worked with her at Wotif.  That reference contained false information as neither Ms Theriault, nor her brother ever worked at Wotif. 

    To make this situation more damaging, Ms Theriault then pretended to be a “Ms Best”, whom she had named as a referee on her CV and spoke to recruiters as part of the application.  Ms Theriault impersonated “Ms Best” and over the phone gave glowing feedback about her own performance.  The real Ms Best had never even consented to provide a reference.  Judge Boylan said he considered Theriault’s mental health struggles, including her bipolar disorder before handing how her sentence.

    This was indeed an extreme case and sets a benchmark for applicants who land a job based on a lie.  In considering the above evidence, what are the key elements you need to consider when preparing your resumé?  Check out my tips below:

    Things not to include on resumés: 

    · Over-extending your years of service.  If you have three years of experience and a job advertisement ask for a minimum of five years, then don’t lie.

    · Making up formal qualifications.  For instance, if a job requires a mandatory Bachelor of Science, and you have a Diploma in Business, don’t apply for the job and don’t pretend you have a degree.  Recruiters can easily check this information.

    · Placing false referee names on your resumé. Approach your referees and ask their permission to include their name and contact phone number on your resumé.

    · Claiming you have worked for a notable organisation, when in fact you haven’t.  Because all experience must be true, explain your role, key duties and achievements accurately.

    · Stating that you have a certain skillset that is required for the job.  For example, if the job requires specific Sales skills such as Data Analysis, CRM, E-Commerce, Communications or Marketing, and you do not have the knowledge or demonstrated ability, then do not list these skills. 

    Words that should be banned from resumés

    · Aggressive/Insistent

    · Beautiful/Adorable

    · Hilarious/Funny

    · Invincible/Supreme

    · Perfectionist/Obsessive

    · Trendy/Cool

    · Weird/Wacky

    · Wonderful/Amazing

    · Worked in a male-dominated industry / worked in a female-dominated industry

    · Clearly referencing your political/religious/sexual preferences and affiliations or age

    In conclusion, a resumé must market your merits, your abilities, personality, experience, qualifications and most importantly your major achievements.  Lying is bad news and it will get you nowhere!  If you need assistance with revamping or writing a new resumé, contact Julie for more information.

    Coaching Packages

    If you are you struggling to move forward in your life or career and need motivation to achieve personal goals, then a coaching package may hold the key to unearthing your happiness.

    Packages start at a minimum of four hours and are reasonably priced. This is an investment in you, so enquire now about how Julie can become your coach!

    Read what some of Julie’s clients have to say:

    Thank you Julie for your time as a coach and for your fantastic insight into turning a negative situation and turning it into a positive action.The two best things I have taken away from our sessions is let the negative things go, they are not worth wasting your time on and actioning the things that made me happy. Success is the only way forward.

    Doug, Moorooka, QLD

    Having Julie as a coach has been a wonderful experience that helped me a lot to increase my confidence, unravel my priorities, give me ideas about the resources that I can use to reach my goals, being clear about how to respond to interviewers and know how to sell myself professionally. Julie is a great professional and I definitely recommend her.

    Liesel, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie is a great communicator and a consummate professional. Julie has a wonderful ability to elicit values, strengths and goals then use these to guide every session, drive the job search process, and develop a greater sense of direction and purpose. I began the coaching journey with Julie unable to get the interview stage, unaware and unconfident of selling myself to prospective employers. Now, at the end of my short journey with Julie, I’ve had three interviews that went very well and feel very confident that the offers will start rolling in. Thanks Julie!

    Adam L, Brisbane

    I contacted Julie when my acting position was recently advertised as I was very nervous about the application requirements. Julie was fantastic, always very quick to respond and her helpful attitude put my mind at ease. My new resume also looks professional and my final application was informative and easy to read, despite the technical nature. Julie’s extensive knowledge, interview coaching and advice were a great help to me in securing the position on a permanent basis. Thanks Julie!

    Elliott, Brisbane, QLD

    Coaching came into my life when I was experiencing great change and uncertainty in my job. Julie was able to help me refocus my goals, challenge some old beliefs and enable me to view negative situations as opportunities for me to grow and learn. I would highly recommend coaching for anyone who wants that extra push in life in order to tap into their unique skills to reach their full potential.

    Anna, Durack, QLD

    There is nothing that I cannot handle – working with Julie has given me that confidence. Julie joined my leap of faith and encouraged me to think bigger and achieve more that I thought was ever possible. The impact and on-going benefits I have achieved from working with Julie over such a short period of time I am able to carry with me and use every day, no matter what the scenario. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend working with Julie for anyone looking to unlock their own limitless potential.

    Laura, Ascot, QLD

    Julie was instrumental in guiding me to a change in my career path. Julie utilised her extensive knowledge, skills and professional insight to enable me to gain employment in a new industry. Julie is a great coach as she provided key interview tips, polished my resume and assisted me with job applications. I would recommend Julie as a capable life path career coach.

    Lyn, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie has provided me with exceptional customer service in terms of assisting me with my job application for a government department. I was very impressed with her professionalism and would highly recommend her to provide this service to other job seekers looking to get that extra edge!

    Chatali, Brisbane, QLD

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