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Do you want to work with a professional, reliable, friendly and positive coach who has helped hundreds of clients achieve outstanding results?

As a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Julie provides tailored services with passion, purpose and honesty. She offers encouragement, promotes self-development, increases happiness and assists you to release inner potential!

Julie’s accomplished client success rate from application to interview currently stands at 80%, so if you are after a professional coach and writer that has exemplary standards and achievements, then give Julie a call.

Julie has a range of experience, tertiary qualifications and skills that include: Australian Public Sector Specialist Writer; Human Resource Management; Recruitment and Selection; Career Development; Personality Profiling; Leadership Coaching, Project Management and Policy Development.

Over the past 25 years, Julie has worked across several Government departments and offered consultancy work in relation to HR, Outplacement Services and Recruitment. She is also trained in writing and assessing selection criteria, preparing government applications and conducting interview coaching.

Julie is dedicated to coaching professional individuals aged between 30 and 50 years to choose careers that align to their core values.


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Julie Street

Julie Street

Life Career Coach

Julie is located in Brisbane and offers in person, phone or ZOOM coaching sessions.  Please visit the main website for more information at Home – Life Path Career Coaching (lifepathcoach.com.au).     Also note if you are using GMAIL/YAHOO/HOTMAIL email servers, responses sent from Julie as a result of an enquiry submitted below, may go into your junk folder. Thank you for your enquiry.  


Business hours for 2023 are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm.  The office is closed on Wednesday, Saturday and all public holidays.

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    Celebrating Milestones!

    On September 15, 2012, Life Path Career Coaching first opened its doors to customers.  Therefore, it’s time to celebrate my 10-year anniversary of being a coach, small business owner and sole trader.  And for that I am super excited and delighted with my accomplishments.  Although I find it somewhat astonishing that I made it past the two-year mark, then the five-year mark and my coaching business also survived the COVID pandemic.  Taking all of this into account, it’s time to give myself a high-five and huge pat on the back.  I am celebrating this milestone with pride and happiness and in the most public way – via a blog and social media.  Happy 10th Anniversary to me!

    Part of this blog is to also ask you, my reader, how do you celebrate your milestones?  When you celebrate your small victories, you will give yourself little hits of energy that will add up over time.  Try it right now for yourself: think of something small you achieved today, or yesterday.  Maybe you went for a walk even though it was cold outside, you are tired, and you didn’t want to.  Tell yourself, “I am proud of myself for braving those terrible weather conditions to keep my body active.” Over time, you will notice that the little celebrations inject you with boosts of energy that will accumulate.   Once you start experiencing more energy, you might notice feeling more motivated to accomplish all those items—large and small—on your “to do” list.  This becomes a positive feedback loop.  You accomplish something, celebrate, increase your energy to accomplish more, and repeat.  In fact, there is evidence to suggest that celebrating the small victories leads you to accomplish even bigger ones.

    Do you notice that children get very excited about small things.  This keeps them happy and enthusiastic about life.  (I often embrace my inner child, and in a mature way!)  Then as we age, we become stodgy.  It becomes difficult to get excited about things that do not qualify as big and significant.  Sometimes, we fail to get excited by small things in a bid to impress other adults.  The questions is, why do we limit our happiness to impress other people who simply do not care and are just as grumpy as us?  

    I choose to celebrate the small things every day and one a frequent basis I will honour my achievements with rewards.  For example, getting a massage, buying a bunch of flowers, going out for morning tea, taking an extra hour for my lunch and going for a walk, or raising a glass of champagne to something more significant.  It is important for us to acknowledge what we achieve and how it makes us feel. If you get excited about small things, let it show, laugh, have a small party, dance or jump around.  If you feel happy because you were finally able to do that small thing that you have struggled with for a long time, then get excited about it.  Let it be your small win.    Here are some other tips:

    • Bask in the victory of having accomplished an important task or goal, because it will increase your level of happiness.
    • Communicate your small winsHuman beings are social beings.  We communicate with each other to share ideas, knowledge or moments.  Therefore, if you experience a small victory, tell someone who cares about you and the outcome.  
    • When verbalising and sharing your wins, this motivates you to keep setting goals and reaching those small victories.  Another advantage is that in sharing your successes, it motivates others around you.  It’s a win-win situation!
    • Our brains are also wired to respond to rewards.  Celebrating the completion of small accomplishments leads to the completion of larger goals.  

    According to research by Teresa Amabile from Harvard Business School, people who tracked their small achievements every day enhanced their motivation.  For example, the simple practice of recording your progress helps you to appreciate your small wins which in turn boosts your sense of confidence.  Why?  Any accomplishment, no matter how small, releases the neurotransmitter dopamine which boosts your mood, motivation and attention.  So, what can you celebrate today?  How will you celebrate?  How does it feel to congratulate yourself? Remember to celebrate every success along the way, even the small steps!

    9 Fun Facts About Coaching

    We are all familiar with the practice of professional coaching, yet do we fully understand what it is that a coach does?  I thought it might be valuable to list 9 fun facts about coaching and highlight some of the things I do as a certified coach.

    In short, coaches help people to realize their inner potential and reach your biggest goals in the most productive and fulfilling ways.  We guide and support people through their journeys, helping them to determine the best courses of action to get from Point A to Point B.  Listed below are 9 fun facts that coaches also do:

    1. We help you brainstorm.

    One gift that coaches possess is the ability to take our aspirations and help us produce new ideas for executing plans and reaching goals.  Coaches are not there to tell us what to do nor are we problem solvers.  We are thinking partners and encourage people to generate new ideas for businesses, health, professional growth and personal relationships.

    2. We challenge you.

    Just like a basketball coach or a personal trainer, a life or career coach will push you (gently) from time to time to assist us in breaking through tough platforms and help your inner strength.  One of our jobs is to challenge us to perform our best at what we do so that we can have the courage to believe in ourselves and succeed.

    3. We remove your obstacles.

    Coaches have the advantage of seeing our situations from an independent perspective.  Much of the time we are held back by limiting beliefs, unhelpful behaviours or perceived blockages.  People often invest their time and energy in fruitless actions that restricts us to advance.  Coaches are there to point out the things that we need to eliminate to move forward.

    4. We boost your self-confidence

    study by the International Coaching Federation (IFC) discovered that 80% of people who hired a life coach reported an improvement in self-confidence.

    5. We provide a different perspective

    We are often consumed by our own opinions, life experiences, and way of thinking.  A coach can provide a new and often helpful perspective on things.

    6. It improves your self-awareness

    Being fully aware of your impact on others and recognizing your flaws, strengths, and unique personality attributes is an extremely challenging adventure.  This is the art of self-awareness, and it requires a strong capacity for reflection, something which a coach can help you work towards.

    7. Discover your clarity of purpose

    Are you clear on what your purpose in life is?  It is your passion, dreams, skills, and weaknesses all bundled into one.  It’s your direction in life.  Clarity of purpose is vital if you want to pursue your dreams, and guess what, coaches can assist you in creating this focus.

    8. Become aware of your values

    Our values are those deeply held principles that influence our behaviour and motivate us to do things.  Given the sheer influence of life values on every action, being aware of what they are can revolutionize the way we live and perform.

    9. You stay motivated: One of the most sought after benefits of life coaching

    Setbacks and roadblocks can derail the best of us.  One of the most sought after benefits of life coaching is to sustain the discipline and maximum effort during challenging times.  You will likely discover pockets of inspiration that you never knew existed.

    Above all, having a life or career coach is a valuable tool to have in your pocket.  And it is one of the best resources anyone can have on their path to career success.  We help people to see through the fog of doubt, fear or anger and once there you meet your real self.  We show you your life from a new perspective so that you can identify your own talents and potential and get clear on what it is you really want to do.  Coaching is an investment in your life!

    Discover Your Purpose

    My journey over the past decade has been demanding, fascinating and at times, a steep learning curve that presented positive opportunities.  I had numerous life experiences that collectively pointed me in the right direction, and it helped me discover my purpose.  It came from self-development, studying and raising my levels of self-awareness.  Then I had an epiphany and now my purpose is “unearthing happiness” in others.  It is what I do as a coach.

    Simon Sinek, author, influencer and motivational speaker writes that it is only when you understand your “why” (or your purpose) that you will be more capable of pursuing the things that give you fulfillment.  It will serve as your point of reference for all your actions and decisions, allowing you to measure your progress and know when you have met your goals.  His books “Start With Why” and “Finding Your Why” gives practical insights and inspiration for individuals, leaders and organisations.

    When you have identified your life’s purpose, it is easier to focus on what truly matters.  Those who know their purpose in life understand who they are and what they are here for.  They are more satisfied in general because they are living to their core values.  People who have a sense of purpose are seen as unstoppable and are laser focused on their goals.  On the other hand, without knowing your purpose, you will be unclear about what you want out of life and become prone to wasting time on futile endeavours. This can leave you confused and cause you to lack confidence.

    Is it time to discover your purpose?

    Have you ever stopped to think about it?  Inspired by Amber Rae I am now sharing my thoughts on this topic and have listed below five signs that will point to your purpose.

    • You are aligned with your core values. Your life’s work and purpose are an extension of your beliefs and worldview.  You live in integrity because what you do is in accordance with who you are.  When values align it inspires you to achieve more.  When you understand and display your core values to others, you make the world a beautiful place.
    • It does not feel like work. Work is not a job – it is a way of living.  Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself, and your lifestyle includes work.  You frequently stop and think to yourself, “Wait, am I seriously working right now?”  In many cases work, play, and life are intertwined, and you constantly pursue your vision of optimal living.  Think about your passions, interests and inner calling – what do you already know about what you were made to do.
    • You are willing to make sacrifices. Your life’s purpose will bring sacrifices and you may suffer “business” pain along the way.  You will be exposed to unexpected emotional and financial challenges, and you may endure setbacks.  These roadblocks are often motivating.  In fact, the short-term discomfort is an opportunity to gain experience, refine and refocus and they are critical to appreciating the joyful moments.
    • You experience flow. You naturally and often fall “in flow” and become engrossed with your work and being in the present.  For example, at 11:53am you realise four hours have gone by since you lasted looked at the clock.  On the other hand, it is 5.15pm and your instinct are to keep creating, writing or planning for another hour.  Flow just happens naturally!
    • You enjoy living. Your work provides the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  Even though you feel excited and captivated by your work, you make room for wellness, social connections, travel, spontaneity and fun.  These activities re-energize your soul and enable you to live a meaningful life.  What do you feel have been revealed to you about your own destiny?

    Having purpose is indeed satisfying and you go to sleep each night grateful for the day, cannot wait to do it over tomorrow, cannot imagine living your life any other way and you hold no regrets.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

    Coaching Packages

    If you are you struggling to move forward in your life or career and need motivation to achieve personal goals, then a coaching package may hold the key to unearthing your happiness.

    Packages start at a minimum of three to four hours and are reasonably priced. This is an investment in you, so enquire now about how Julie can become your coach!

    Read what some of Julie’s clients have to say:

    Thank you Julie for your time as a coach and for your fantastic insight into turning a negative situation and turning it into a positive action.The two best things I have taken away from our sessions is let the negative things go, they are not worth wasting your time on and actioning the things that made me happy. Success is the only way forward.

    Doug, Moorooka, QLD

    Having Julie as a coach has been a wonderful experience that helped me a lot to increase my confidence, unravel my priorities, give me ideas about the resources that I can use to reach my goals, being clear about how to respond to interviewers and know how to sell myself professionally. Julie is a great professional and I definitely recommend her.

    Liesel, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie is a great communicator and a consummate professional. Julie has a wonderful ability to elicit values, strengths and goals then use these to guide every session, drive the job search process, and develop a greater sense of direction and purpose. I began the coaching journey with Julie unable to get the interview stage, unaware and unconfident of selling myself to prospective employers. Now, at the end of my short journey with Julie, I’ve had three interviews that went very well and feel very confident that the offers will start rolling in. Thanks Julie!

    Adam L, Brisbane

    I contacted Julie when my acting position was recently advertised as I was very nervous about the application requirements. Julie was fantastic, always very quick to respond and her helpful attitude put my mind at ease. My new resume also looks professional and my final application was informative and easy to read, despite the technical nature. Julie’s extensive knowledge, interview coaching and advice were a great help to me in securing the position on a permanent basis. Thanks Julie!

    Elliott, Brisbane, QLD

    Coaching came into my life when I was experiencing great change and uncertainty in my job. Julie was able to help me refocus my goals, challenge some old beliefs and enable me to view negative situations as opportunities for me to grow and learn. I would highly recommend coaching for anyone who wants that extra push in life in order to tap into their unique skills to reach their full potential.

    Anna, Durack, QLD

    There is nothing that I cannot handle – working with Julie has given me that confidence. Julie joined my leap of faith and encouraged me to think bigger and achieve more that I thought was ever possible. The impact and on-going benefits I have achieved from working with Julie over such a short period of time I am able to carry with me and use every day, no matter what the scenario. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend working with Julie for anyone looking to unlock their own limitless potential.

    Laura, Ascot, QLD

    Julie was instrumental in guiding me to a change in my career path. Julie utilised her extensive knowledge, skills and professional insight to enable me to gain employment in a new industry. Julie is a great coach as she provided key interview tips, polished my resume and assisted me with job applications. I would recommend Julie as a capable life path career coach.

    Lyn, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie has provided me with exceptional customer service in terms of assisting me with my job application for a government department. I was very impressed with her professionalism and would highly recommend her to provide this service to other job seekers looking to get that extra edge!

    Chatali, Brisbane, QLD

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