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The decision as to whether to hire a professional resumé writer is one that leaves many people confused.  So, I am glad you are reading this blog!  Professional resumé writing services continue to grow in demand globally.  When it comes time to write your resumé, you are bound to receive a lot of conflicting advice.

This could come from your best friend, your ex-colleague who happens to be a HR Manager or even a sibling.  “Just use an online template” or “There is no better person to write your resume than you” or even, “My mother’s cousin’s husband works in recruitment, and he said…”.

Take a deep breath, as I will walk you through this and help you understand the importance of your resumé and what it needs to do.  I want you to be able to land that next interview, and the decision to hire a resumé writer could play a BIG role!

Resumé Templates

First off, I want you to run away from using a resume template.  Why?  Because when you market yourself to prospective employers you cannot afford to look, sound, and feel like all the other applicants.  And that is what will happen when you use a free “online” template.  It might look OK visually however it is usually a cut and dried content that does not sell you.

When I work with clients, I always take time to give feedback on resumés.  Most resumés I have come across all look the same.  A template will not let you stand out from the crowd.  Even worse, if you used a template your resumé will not be configured to survive the software scans it will undergo on its way to the decision maker.  The good news as a professional resumé writer I NEVER use a template! My resumés are tailored to each client, their style, personality, and career story.

DIY Resumés

I totally get the concept that you should be the person who knows yourself best in the world.  Therefore, it seems logical that you could be the best person to write your resumé.  But that’s actually very far from the truth.  Have you noticed that the perceptive people in your life can see your talents and expertise in a way you don’t?  It’s because your greatest skills are part of you, and you take them for granted.

How can you market yourself in a document you are not trained to create? If you want that dream job, can you afford to take the chance that you may not know how to market yourself property on paper?  Remember, most jobs are looking to hire only one applicant, and you want it to be you!

So, think about what we know so far regarding writing your resume:

  • You know your skills and accomplishments, but you take them for granted.
  • You do your job full-time, and that is NOT professional resumé writing.
  • You know a template is going to pigeon-hole you to look and sound like everyone else.
  • You know a template isn’t going to help you survive computer scans of your resume.
  • You have no idea what ATS compatibility is and if you do, probably won’t know how to achieve it.
  • You get that resumé writing is marketing and that even if you do marketing as a career, it would be hard to sell yourself (see #1).


When selecting a resumé writer, a job seeker should always look for a certified individual who has experience working with job seekers in their industry.  As a four times certified Advanced Resumé Writer with international accreditations, 70% of my business is writing professional resumés.  Here are the big wins for you:

  • It is not as expensive as you think, and you only need to spend about two hours answering specific questions via a worksheet or over the phone.
  • Professional resumé writers (like me) love their job and love words, designing and writing.  Plus, many of us use our unique talents to prepare LinkedIn profiles, matching cover letters and applications.
  • On average it takes about four days to turn around a resumé from start to finish – when this process could easily take up to two weeks by yourself.  Think of the time and mental anguish you are saving!
  • You get a handcrafted original resumé that markets you to your desired role and you get dedicated support through the process. I do not hand off my work to sub-contractors.
  • You get a high-quality product (even though resumés are not a “Magic Bullet”) and you work with a person who is unbiased, honest, and able to understand your job search needs.
  • You get an inside perspective on the hiring process and professional resumé writers keep track of changing industry trends.  They know what hiring managers want to see. This includes skills, education, work history, resumé formatting, typeface, and keywords.

You have come to the right place and for the past decade I have worked with all types of clients from graduates through to Chief Executive Officers.  I am here to unearth happiness and empower clients who wish to transition careers with confidence.  Furthermore, I have assisted over 500 clients through resumé writing and career coaching, which has helped them to head confidently towards their goals. 

If you need assistance, reach out, because it’s OK to ask for help!