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Today I celebrate my first blog post! I am excited yet a little unsure about sharing my thoughts on the inter-web…However this is when change starts, one small step after another.

I would like to chat about resumés. As an accredited international specialist resumé writer, this topic is close to my heart and something that I enjoy discussing.  Over the past 3 years I have written, edited and reviewed hundreds of resumés. Every document I see needs extra work, no matter how great it may look to the reader.  To dispel any myths,  I have listed below some insights that may be helpful:

  • Always add colour! Yes, it’s true colour stands out on any document, so use it carefully in the headings, the border or your name. Blue, Blue Grey or Dark Green are my favs.
  • Always include a physical address, contact phone and email at the top of the resumé. Please make sure your email address is professional, NOT bunnykins69@gmail.com.  You are searching for a job, not a romantic date and on another note, do not add a photograph!
  • Always repeat your name and phone number in the footer and include a page number. When a document is printed, pages can be accidently lost.
  • Always proofread, check and print your document to ensure you have no spelling or grammatical mistakes.  I edit client documents 3 times at a minimum.
  • Always list your achievements at work.  I recommend writing at least 3 key achievements and applying the C A R method.  Think back at work to when you had a Challenging situation, what was the Action you took and how did you solve the problem. Then finally list the Result.  The entire achievement can be written in 3 sentences or less.
  • Always lead with your achievements, not your main duties or tasks. Readers want to know how you have added value to your current or past employer.
  • Always make sure the format and paragraph styles are consistent.  There is nothing worse then having mismatched dot points or different font styles.
  • Always keep your resumé to a reasonable length – 2 pages maximum or up to 3 pages, if you have over 15 years experience and have been in senior management positions.
  • Always ensure your qualification and education completion dates are listed, such as 2004 (not 2001 – 2004).  Never list primary or high school dates unless your are a recent graduate (Refer to my E-book for assistance on resumé writing – www.lifepathcoach.com.au/e-book/)

Preparing your own resumé takes time and thought. You should be proud of your career profile as the resumé must summarise your strengths, personal attributes, experience and demonstrated achievements. Love yourself and be proud of your resumé!