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This week’s blog follows on from having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Have you been practicing the seven steps? See: http://lifepathcoach.com.au/blog/having-a-positive-mental-attitude/

I have found throughout my career and even when coaching some clients, the Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) appears when people become stressed, anxious, worried or angry. I learnt about the PMA and NMA during my life coaching studies at the Life Coaching Academy here in Queensland.  This particular aspect of coaching is something that changed my thinking forever.

A NMA can come from many sources and can derive from mistakes or an error in judgement. It is ok to make a mistake; you learn from them and move on, ensuring that it will not happen again. No one is perfect!

If you are in a work environment that leans towards negativity or poor culture, perhaps the model outlined below can assist. It can be referred to and it highlights the benefits of having a positive mental attitude (PMA).

Flip the negatives into a positive. As I have mentioned, every behaviour has a purpose and you can choose to see the positive intent from a negative event.
Therefore, if you are reading this, I would like you to get out of B E D and be O A R some every day!  Move above the horizontal line from NMA into PMA.


O pportunity

A ccountable            (PMA)

R espons-able

B lame                                                 

E xcuse                       (NMA)              

D enial


So look for opportunities on a daily basis.
Be accountable for your own actions and interactions.
Be responsive, rather than being reactive when making decisions.
Do not deny, do not make up an excuse and do not blame others for your inaction or irresponsibility. This will reinforce a NMA.

If you stayed in B E D, what will that give you?