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Have you may be altered the truth or blatantly lied on your resumé?  It’s been done before and it is by far the worst thing you can do when applying for a job.   As a certified resumé writer, I consistently provide clients with one concrete piece of advice.  Under no circumstances, do you provide false or misleading information on your resumé.  Never lie or fabricate documents or referee statements either.   Why?  If you were employed from an inaccurate and untruthful resumé guess what, it could lead to a potential conviction or even gaol time!

A couple of years ago a former senior public service official lied on her curriculum vitae (CV) to secure her lucrative South Australian Government position.  She was sentenced in gaol for at least 12 months.  Veronica Hilda Theriault, 45, was the Chief Information Officer within the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). In september 2017, she was charged with deception, dishonestly dealing with documents and abuse of public office in September 2017.  Judge Boylan stated that Ms Theriault also gave the DPC false references as part of the job application.  She has arranged for her brother to supply a reference to the department stating he worked with her at Wotif.  That reference contained false information as neither Ms Theriault, nor her brother ever worked at Wotif. 

To make this situation more damaging, Ms Theriault then pretended to be a “Ms Best”, whom she had named as a referee on her CV and spoke to recruiters as part of the application.  Ms Theriault impersonated “Ms Best” and over the phone gave glowing feedback about her own performance.  The real Ms Best had never even consented to provide a reference.  Judge Boylan said he considered Theriault’s mental health struggles, including her bipolar disorder before handing how her sentence.

This was indeed an extreme case and sets a benchmark for applicants who land a job based on a lie.  In considering the above evidence, what are the key elements you need to consider when preparing your resumé?  Check out my tips below:

Things not to include on resumés: 

· Over-extending your years of service.  If you have three years of experience and a job advertisement ask for a minimum of five years, then don’t lie.

· Making up formal qualifications.  For instance, if a job requires a mandatory Bachelor of Science, and you have a Diploma in Business, don’t apply for the job and don’t pretend you have a degree.  Recruiters can easily check this information.

· Placing false referee names on your resumé. Approach your referees and ask their permission to include their name and contact phone number on your resumé.

· Claiming you have worked for a notable organisation, when in fact you haven’t.  Because all experience must be true, explain your role, key duties and achievements accurately.

· Stating that you have a certain skillset that is required for the job.  For example, if the job requires specific Sales skills such as Data Analysis, CRM, E-Commerce, Communications or Marketing, and you do not have the knowledge or demonstrated ability, then do not list these skills. 

Words that should be banned from resumés

· Aggressive/Insistent

· Beautiful/Adorable

· Hilarious/Funny

· Invincible/Supreme

· Perfectionist/Obsessive

· Trendy/Cool

· Weird/Wacky

· Wonderful/Amazing

· Worked in a male-dominated industry / worked in a female-dominated industry

· Clearly referencing your political/religious/sexual preferences and affiliations or age

In conclusion, a resumé must market your merits, your abilities, personality, experience, qualifications and most importantly your major achievements.  Lying is bad news and it will get you nowhere!  If you need assistance with revamping or writing a new resumé, contact Julie for more information.