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Like it or not, LinkedIn is here to stay. If you are still hesitant about using social media avenues, then here are some general tips for the world of LinkedIn. Over 3.4 million Australians are now on LinkedIn and it is fast becoming the new career management hub.

To get the maximum results from LinkedIn it is important to invest your time in setting up a professional profile. Remember, more than 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and screen candidates. Your LinkedIn profile will be checked out and viewed by a range of recruiters and potential employers. With a poorly designed profile, you are at a distinct disadvantage.

Now might be the right time to embrace this public network, and here are my top tips:

  1. Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly reaching out to networks, scouring social media and performing Google searches to find the ideal candidate. Career-minded professionals will use the internet to stay on top of potential opportunities because LinkedIn is the No.1 place for virtual job networking.
  2. Invest in a professional photo. Without a photo you will attract fewer views by potential employers and recruiters. In addition, choose a background photo for your profile, something that is significant for you. This could be a favourite location, something artistic, another photo of you speaking publically or a purchased stock image of items relevant to your experience.
  3. Spend time writing a good headline as it can elevate your impact beyond just telling the reader your job title and industry, which is what LinkedIn automatically defaults to if you don’t choose to edit it. This headline sets their perception and has a strong impact on your ranking in searches. It is limited to 120 characters so think about what you do, your expertise and knowledge on offer.
  4. Visibility is important and even more so, on-line credibility is critical. Validate your success by getting others to speak for you. Politely ask for feedback, request LinkedIn recommendations and ensure you reciprocate endorsements.
  5. If you regularly document your achievements, actions or project outcomes online, you are taking action to advance your career. This keeps your LinkedIn profile current and remember to add in any training or new skills.
  6. In a world that is becoming more virtual, add people to your network regularly. My recommendation is to check out who they know – they should be within your 2nd or 3rd circles prior to accepting an invitation.
  7. Relationships on LinkedIn needs regular care and attention. If someone in your network posts a comment, starts a conversation or shares an interesting story, let them know or hit the “Like” button.

If you need assistance with LinkedIn Profile writing, contact me for further information.