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A few months ago, I wrote about how I launched my new website and started posting articles on LinkedIn – AND how I overcame my FEAR of writing on such a public forum.

Now, I took another step into the marketing world and started a work Instagram account – @lifepathcoach. Once again I had to think of content, tap into my creative side (right brain) and channel some of artist inner Julie. It seems to have worked in the short term as I have learnt to use hashtags (#) for photo content, which then generates more likes. I am following some amazing coaches who also post on Insta. My style is different, although I did post a video – which is unlike me. I am not one for talking into a camera. However, I did it and felt proud of my work!

The other hurdle to overcome was whether I kept my account private. I found that after 3 weeks of posting photos, I was getting minimal traction. So I switched the account from private to public and my last post received 20 likes, 2 comments and 2 new followers. I was stoked! My thinking is to post content that reaches into the heart of people. I use quotes from famous people, which are relevant to everyday life. I use affirmations, I ask questions and I share information that is meaningful and positive. The comments I have to date are supportive. Never mind the spammers, I block or report them, and they soon disappear.

What I have discovered is a world of inspiration, originality and diversity. It is truly wonderful seeing who else is out there in the world coaching, helping people to succeed and promoting happiness. I think the only thing left now is Twitter – and I am quite content NOT joining the bandwagon! If you ever had a doubt about Instagram, either privately or professionally, I do recommend the app. It has opened my mind and changed my perspective on marketing and social networking – and all for the better!