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I like to call myself a “positive-bunny”, even my friends and family will agree. Very little gets me down, unless of course tragedy or sadness prevail due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, I always take the positive out of any situation. I no longer stress about negative things, actions or even people. Why? Because I understand my core values (see http://lifepathcoach.com.au/links/), my personality type and I choose to use a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

As a coach, I use this methodology with clients, particularly leaders and ask them to practice this with their employees in meetings – together. Amazing concept right!

Sure, I dislike negative, whiny, loud, angry and rude people –who doesn’t! The most important thing to remember is when faced with a challenging situation, you learn, grown and change the way you think and act.

When you react in a negative manner, you start venting. Venting is a cycle of anger that can be hard to break. When you react in a positive manner, your subconscious is triggered and you immediately look for alternative solutions.

Positive Mental Attitude is being positive about yourself, your attitudes, your abilities, your life and the world around you.
Negative Mental Attitude is an illness and people in this state achieve nothing, nor does it serve any purpose.

The seven steps to PMA that can be practiced daily. In fact, if you did these for 21 days straight, you will establish a new habit of positive thinking.

  1. Positive self-talk: Explain things to yourself in a positive way and look for a positive angle. Control your inner dialogue. Take note of what you are observing from an outside perspective and your subconscious will accept positive statements as a command.
  2. Positive visualization: Continually feed your mind with pictures that are consistent with what you want. See yourself living your ideal life and successful career.
  3. Positive mental food: Be deliberate when you control your thoughts. You become what you think. Equally, you are what you eat!
  4. Positive people: Other people account for up to 80% of your happiness OR unhappiness. Be aware of who you socialise with as individuals generally have a chameleon tendency to adopt styles, manners and attitudes.
  5. Positive development: Commit yourself to lifelong continuous learning and self-development.
  6. Positive health habits: Think about how you feel on a regular basis. Energy and enthusiasm translate into PMA. Avoid sugars and fats and exercise in the fresh air.
  7. Positive action: The rule is to do it now and move on to the next thing. Those who do it now are respected and deliver results, they are sought out, and they have doors of opportunities opened to them.

Do you see yourself as a positive person? What can you do to change your thoughts?
Remember all behaviour has a purpose. Have a PMA and see what it brings into your life.