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My journey over the past decade has been demanding, fascinating and at times, a steep learning curve that presented positive opportunities.  I had numerous life experiences that collectively pointed me in the right direction, and it helped me discover my purpose.  It came from self-development, studying and raising my levels of self-awareness.  Then I had an epiphany and now my purpose is “unearthing happiness” in others.  It is what I do as a coach.

Simon Sinek, author, influencer and motivational speaker writes that it is only when you understand your “why” (or your purpose) that you will be more capable of pursuing the things that give you fulfillment.  It will serve as your point of reference for all your actions and decisions, allowing you to measure your progress and know when you have met your goals.  His books “Start With Why” and “Finding Your Why” gives practical insights and inspiration for individuals, leaders and organisations.

When you have identified your life’s purpose, it is easier to focus on what truly matters.  Those who know their purpose in life understand who they are and what they are here for.  They are more satisfied in general because they are living to their core values.  People who have a sense of purpose are seen as unstoppable and are laser focused on their goals.  On the other hand, without knowing your purpose, you will be unclear about what you want out of life and become prone to wasting time on futile endeavours. This can leave you confused and cause you to lack confidence.

Is it time to discover your purpose?

Have you ever stopped to think about it?  Inspired by Amber Rae I am now sharing my thoughts on this topic and have listed below five signs that will point to your purpose.

  • You are aligned with your core values. Your life’s work and purpose are an extension of your beliefs and worldview.  You live in integrity because what you do is in accordance with who you are.  When values align it inspires you to achieve more.  When you understand and display your core values to others, you make the world a beautiful place.
  • It does not feel like work. Work is not a job – it is a way of living.  Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself, and your lifestyle includes work.  You frequently stop and think to yourself, “Wait, am I seriously working right now?”  In many cases work, play, and life are intertwined, and you constantly pursue your vision of optimal living.  Think about your passions, interests and inner calling – what do you already know about what you were made to do.
  • You are willing to make sacrifices. Your life’s purpose will bring sacrifices and you may suffer “business” pain along the way.  You will be exposed to unexpected emotional and financial challenges, and you may endure setbacks.  These roadblocks are often motivating.  In fact, the short-term discomfort is an opportunity to gain experience, refine and refocus and they are critical to appreciating the joyful moments.
  • You experience flow. You naturally and often fall “in flow” and become engrossed with your work and being in the present.  For example, at 11:53am you realise four hours have gone by since you lasted looked at the clock.  On the other hand, it is 5.15pm and your instinct are to keep creating, writing or planning for another hour.  Flow just happens naturally!
  • You enjoy living. Your work provides the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  Even though you feel excited and captivated by your work, you make room for wellness, social connections, travel, spontaneity and fun.  These activities re-energize your soul and enable you to live a meaningful life.  What do you feel have been revealed to you about your own destiny?

Having purpose is indeed satisfying and you go to sleep each night grateful for the day, cannot wait to do it over tomorrow, cannot imagine living your life any other way and you hold no regrets.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu