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With the nation’s unemployment figures continuing to rise in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, finding work has become immensely challenging for many Australians.  Businesses are closing, yet some are thriving because they leveraged online channels and remained adaptable to change.

Recently I participated in a national Career Development Association of Australian (CDAA) survey with all our members.  The following are job tips and career updates come from many career practitioners, including myself and summarise how you can maximise the chances of finding work and as the “new normal” emerges.

  1. Keep looking for work.  There are still work opportunities available, although they are reduced and different.  Don’t stop your job searching routine.  This can mean scheduling two job searches each work on different job boards (see links below). Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Telstra, Dominos’ and BHP are all hiring.
  2. Stay on top of changes to the labour market and opportunities, being creative yet true to yourself, in what you apply for and how you present yourself.
  3. Edit your resumé with current changes in your job and make sure you market your sought-after skills.  This includes increasing your digital presence and use every network contact that you have via social media, LinkedIn or even via phone/email.
  4. If you are a sole trader or part of a small business, go with the latest trend of moving services online.  For example, Pilates and Yoga studios now offer at-home classes online, often for a fraction of the cost.  All my coaching services can be delivered online as well.  You could even start up online tutorials and webinars.
  5. While some Australians may be feeling hopeless during these difficult times, it is important to keep planning for the future.  Think about upgrading your skills through online courses and volunteering if it is a safe option.
  6. When seeking work, looking after your mental and physical health is crucial, and people should seek help if they are at risk.  Check in with yourself each day, acknowledge any challenges and write down the opportunities you have in front of you.  Support organisations are available such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue and 1800 RESPECT.
  7. Trust in your own resilience.  Resilience is accepting your new reality.  Take a deep breath and start building new coping strategies to ensure your bounce back.  Please ensure you do not also place unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Practice mindfulness and be self-compassionate, kind and respectful to yourself as you would give to others.  You are doing the best you can!  A great mindfulness App is Smiling Mind.

Labour Market Employment Insights

  • An excellent resource on how to stay current with your skills and what employers are seeking during this change.  Plus, there are many more links available on this government website.

MOOCS – Free Online Learning

  • A great way to study online and keep learning new knowledge and skills.  These courses vary in topics and once finished you can include them in your resumé under Education & Training.

LinkedIn Learning

  • Previously Lynda.com, this has been bought by LinkedIn.  You can register for a one-month free trial.

Queensland Care Army – Volunteering

  • Volunteering will enhance your employability skills and you get to connect with many new people.  Any recent volunteer work counts towards experience!

COVID-19 Jobs Hub

  • A fantastic job site link across Australia for openings that you can apply for directly.  Remember to be truthful in what type of work best suits your needs, personality and values.

Given the current situation, I am extending my 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to 30-minutes.  Plus, I am reducing my resumé writing fees by 30% until 30 June 2020.  Total price for an updated resumé is $245.  This is for a limited time only so if you or your family/friends need career support, please reach out via email for more information.  This is a short-term “new” human experience and we are all in this together so build upon our resilience.  Stay healthy, safe and optimistic everyone!