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It’s been a few months since I last posted a blog, and that is due to a few exciting activities that have been churning away in the background. Now I am ready to share some exciting news! John Mattone, the #2 ranked coaching professional for 2017 as voted by industry professionals, globalgurus, trained me as an Intelligent Leadership Coach.  I am hearing you think… “That is interesting Julie, so what does that actually mean and who is John?”

John Mattone developed an Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching program that is accredited with the International Coach Federation. With this certification, I am now able to offer clients a proven coaching process that is guaranteed to produce results and deliver an impressive ROI. As an IL coach, I partner with emerging executives to explore and implement processes and tools to help accelerate leadership abilities and unlock capabilities and potential.

On commencing a coaching program, an aspiring executive will realize four “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage as leaders in their business and life. These are altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance. The 4 A’s are the seeds to achieving sustained greatness and creating a lasting legacy.  As a coach, I was searching for further education within the area of leadership development. My niche market for executive coaching is designed for individuals beginning their own leader journey and aged between 30-40. My new corporate sponsored program focuses on the coaching process and assessment tools that were mastered by John Mattone include the following:

  • Understanding the coaching context during an intake interview and establishing a vision
  • Powerful inner-core and outer-core assessments using the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI)
  • Utilising a Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360) and CPI-260 assessments
  • Creating a Core Purpose Statement
  • Defining a customised talent development plan
  • Recognising the value of leadership growth for the client and their organisation
  • Stakeholder and mentor engagement and feedback
  • Measuring leadership impact and ongoing growth

Together with my support and meaningful engagement from company stakeholders, this coaching program will be an immersive personal journey. The emphasis is on becoming more self-aware and uncovering those critical strengths and development needs that can lead to increased fulfilment, greater balance, improved leadership capability, commitment and alignment. As your coach, I am committed to helping you become the absolute best leader and person you can be. For me, becoming certified to administer, interpret, and debrief the powerful MLEI as part of leadership coaching was truly an eye-opening experience.

I want to reveal this incredible process with our future Australian leaders. If you have further questions about this amazing coaching program then check out my leadership coaching page (click here). Being a leader takes time, reflection, self-awareness, humility and hard work. Maybe it is time to invest in yourself and shine like a superstar!