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This month, in fact this week, marks the third anniversary of Life Path Career Coaching! It would not have been possible without you, my clients. You are amazing, kind and wonderful individuals who have made improvements, achieved fulfilment and taken the small steps to succeed in your life and career. My coaching colleagues, family and friends have been right beside me, providing endless encouragement and advice, which I sincerely appreciate.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is my personal growth.  In December 2011, I took a redundancy from the Queensland Government, purely because I knew I was not serving any purpose. I wanted to learn, change and develop a new skill set. I also needed to shed some residual baggage and leaving a high-paid secure job was a massive leap of faith.  Through my studies, reading, talking to a mentor and reflecting during the next 10 months, Life Path Career Coaching was created in September 2012.

When I spoke to my first client, I was so nervous! I kept thinking, “How am I going to help this person?”, “What if I make a mistake?”, and “What will they think of me?” My doubts and worries soon disappeared because I trusted my training, my past work and life experiences and my new skills. I did a lot of journaling, writing, practicing, adapting and more reading. I also switched the negative talk into positive statements. Most importantly, I came to believe that what I was doing was my true path.

I definitely unearthed my happiness and I will continue on this journey for the benefit of my clients. I have not looked back, am thankful to many people and excited to be working in the career development and life coaching industry. Finally, I am in awe of the individuals I meet through my business. For me, it is really a wonderful life!