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This week is a milestone – I published my first ever LinkedIn article on Pulse. The lesson I learnt was to let go of the inner voice that presented me with doubts. As a natural introvert I stay away from the public eye and am not a person who likes to promote my worth, value and ideas. I like to work from behind the scenes and let people come to me. Sure it’s worked so far with a great LinkedIn Profile, a Facebook Business Page and a website. However I need to take it to another level. Why? Because coaching is what I love to do and coaching offers tangible benefits to individuals. The change I witness in my clients and in themselves is awe-inspiring.

So I leveraged my client’s inspiration and took to LinkedIn and put my own name out there for all the world to see! It was scary and daunting and I put it off for months. The catalyst for me was knowing that I am in fact a great coach. My clients tell me this and I believe it. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose and I want people to know who I am, what I do and how I can help others.

Here is what happened. I copied in my article and set it up, put in a photo and read everything. When I pushed the “publish” button, it comes up with “Are you sure you want to publish?” So I hit the cancel button. I went back to the article and re-read it again. I found a typo and then saved it and then clicked on the publish button for a second time. “Are you sure you want to publish?” I DON’T KNOW! DO I? DO I REALLY? – screamed the inner voice. And then after a deep breathe, I did, and squashed the voice and sent it packing.

As a result, I have confidence to publish articles, without the fear of ridicule. LinkedIn is not a place of negativity, it is a professional networking platform that encourages and promotes peoples thoughts, tips, monologues, innovation and handy pieces of advice. My personal goal for the month of March is attained and I am totally proud, excited, chuffed and satisfied that I learnt my own valuable lesson. It is achievable – just let go of the emotion and the baggage and be free!

LinkedIn Article