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Be Kind to Yourself and Others

You know what – life just sometimes gets in the way. It causes stress, heartache, sadness, happiness and sometimes distractions. When these rollercoaster of emotions strike, it is a good idea to stop and slow down. Reflection is key and being kind and courageous is a positive step forward. If you give your energy, time, help and love away to others on a 24/7 basis there is nothing left for yourself.
Maybe it’s time you need a life coach?

So with reference to @coachingtools, here are 10 ways to move ahead in life and be true to yourself:

  1. Be Bold – live life your way. It’s your time to live and your time to shine.
  2. Ask yourself daily – “What do I need to thrive today?”
  3. Your feelings are inner signals – listen to them daily.
  4. Forgive yourself – do not waste energy beating yourself up. It serves no purpose.
  5. Stop tolerating – it’s not noble and it drains energy quickly
  6. Life is short – there is no should, could or would. There is do or not do.
  7. Rushing makes everyone miserable – do less and take your time.
  8. Stop worrying what others think – instead ask yourself “What do I think?”
  9. Gather a tribe – this team of people praise you and know you are awesome
  10. Stand up for yourself – if not you, than who will?

Your personality, your style, your smile and your attitudes drive your choices, values and decisions. So what will you do that makes you happy? What one thing can you do today that is courageous and kind?
Think about it…life is indeed precious.