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Do you want to work with a professional, reliable, friendly and positive coach who has helped hundreds of clients achieve outstanding results?

As an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Julie provides tailored services with passion, purpose and honesty. She offers encouragement, promotes self-development, increases happiness and assists you to release inner potential!

Julie’s accomplished client success rate from application to interview currently stands at 80%, so if you are after a professional coach and writer that has exemplary standards and achievements, then give Julie a call.

Julie has a range of experience, tertiary qualifications and skills that include: Australian Public Sector Specialist Writer; Human Resource Management; Recruitment and Selection; Career Development; Personality Profiling; Leadership Coaching, Project Management and Policy Development.

Over the past 17 years, Julie has worked across several Government departments and offered consultancy work in relation to HR, Outplacement Services and Recruitment. She is also trained in writing and assessing selection criteria, preparing government applications and conducting interview coaching.

Julie is dedicated to coaching professional individuals aged between 30 and 50 years to choose careers that align to their core values.


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Julie Street

Julie Street

Life Career Coach

Julie is located in Brisbane and offers in person, phone or ZOOM coaching sessions.  Please visit the main website for more information at Home – Life Path Career Coaching (lifepathcoach.com.au).     Also note if you are using GMAIL/YAHOO/HOTMAIL email servers, responses sent from Julie as a result of an enquiry submitted below, may go into your junk folder. Thank you for your enquiry.  

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    Discover Your Purpose

    My journey over the past decade has been demanding, fascinating and at times, a steep learning curve that presented positive opportunities.  I had numerous life experiences that collectively pointed me in the right direction, and it helped me discover my purpose.  It came from self-development, studying and raising my levels of self-awareness.  Then I had an epiphany and now my purpose is “unearthing happiness” in others.  It is what I do as a coach.

    Simon Sinek, author, influencer and motivational speaker writes that it is only when you understand your “why” (or your purpose) that you will be more capable of pursuing the things that give you fulfillment.  It will serve as your point of reference for all your actions and decisions, allowing you to measure your progress and know when you have met your goals.  His books “Start With Why” and “Finding Your Why” gives practical insights and inspiration for individuals, leaders and organisations.

    When you have identified your life’s purpose, it is easier to focus on what truly matters.  Those who know their purpose in life understand who they are and what they are here for.  They are more satisfied in general because they are living to their core values.  People who have a sense of purpose are seen as unstoppable and are laser focused on their goals.  On the other hand, without knowing your purpose, you will be unclear about what you want out of life and become prone to wasting time on futile endeavours. This can leave you confused and cause you to lack confidence.

    Is it time to discover your purpose?

    Have you ever stopped to think about it?  Inspired by Amber Rae I am now sharing my thoughts on this topic and have listed below five signs that will point to your purpose.

    • You are aligned with your core values. Your life’s work and purpose are an extension of your beliefs and worldview.  You live in integrity because what you do is in accordance with who you are.  When values align it inspires you to achieve more.  When you understand and display your core values to others, you make the world a beautiful place.
    • It does not feel like work. Work is not a job – it is a way of living.  Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself, and your lifestyle includes work.  You frequently stop and think to yourself, “Wait, am I seriously working right now?”  In many cases work, play, and life are intertwined, and you constantly pursue your vision of optimal living.  Think about your passions, interests and inner calling – what do you already know about what you were made to do.
    • You are willing to make sacrifices. Your life’s purpose will bring sacrifices and you may suffer “business” pain along the way.  You will be exposed to unexpected emotional and financial challenges, and you may endure setbacks.  These roadblocks are often motivating.  In fact, the short-term discomfort is an opportunity to gain experience, refine and refocus and they are critical to appreciating the joyful moments.
    • You experience flow. You naturally and often fall “in flow” and become engrossed with your work and being in the present.  For example, at 11:53am you realise four hours have gone by since you lasted looked at the clock.  On the other hand, it is 5.15pm and your instinct are to keep creating, writing or planning for another hour.  Flow just happens naturally!
    • You enjoy living. Your work provides the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  Even though you feel excited and captivated by your work, you make room for wellness, social connections, travel, spontaneity and fun.  These activities re-energize your soul and enable you to live a meaningful life.  What do you feel have been revealed to you about your own destiny?

    Having purpose is indeed satisfying and you go to sleep each night grateful for the day, cannot wait to do it over tomorrow, cannot imagine living your life any other way and you hold no regrets.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

    Tips for managing a career break

    When you take a career break or become unemployed, you can enter a world of unknown issues.  This may include changes in your everyday routine, lack of a steady income and varying moods. Unemployment in the past two years has largely resulted from company restructures, economic downturn or even personal choice.  Everyone reacts differently to change and with COVID, life and work has thrown us unusual challenges.  Here are some tips for managing a career break or when unemployed.

    Adapt: For some unemployment is painful, others exciting, yet learning to adapt is essential.  This is important because unemployment is considered a negative transition when compared to positive transitions, such as graduating from university or landing the job offer you wanted.

    Accept: Changes are a part of life, so you must remain flexible and accept change.  It can be hard however it is important to let go of the past, be in the moment and explore new alternate paths in your career phase.

    There is no failure only feedback.  This is important when you are actively looking for a new job. Learn from the past and learn from those employment rejections by bouncing back, asking for feedback, assessing what you can, making necessary improvements, and moving on.

    Be hopeful:  You might have already heard – your view of unemployment affects your ability to press through. In this period of transition, you may find it harder to function, if you are going through it, without hope. Why?  Because your suffering will have you believe, it is the end of the world. You can start to see career breaks as a paralyzing event instead of a challenge.  

    Maintain the right perspective:  With the right perspective, you will gain understanding into what you can and cannot control.  Each day, do what you can to better your situation.  When you function with hope and with optimism, you see your situation from the right perspective and keep forward momentum.  There is a job for you somewhere – see rejection as a learning opportunity.

    Learn and growOne negative effect of long-term unemployment is skills atrophy.  The longer a person is out of work, the more likely it is their skills will begin to deteriorate through lack of use and training.  Here is a secret!  Active learning increases your positivity in unemployment, and it benefits your career.  You cannot predict what happens in your career.  Do not hesitate to learn something new during this time such as online micro-credentials or volunteering.  

    Care for yourself: I mean your care for your whole being every day – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.  It is easy to ignore yourself and push yourself to the point of exhaustion when you are coping with unemployment.  What happens next?  You participate in the unhealthy behavior of neglecting yourself.  Worrying becomes commonplace and has negative effects on your health.  Make it a mission to care for yourself during this time and prioritize your well-being.  Get some exercise.  Talk with friends.  Network with like-minded people.  Go have a coffee or a massage and seek professional assistance.

    Practice patience and endure:  The average length of unemployment in Australian can be upwards of 27 weeks, particularly for older adults.  Patience is essential when are uncertain and the wait is challenging.  Yet it can provide opportunities to mature, plan and refocus.

    Self reflection points and questions:

    Have you moved past your negative reactions, or are you stuck in them?  Perhaps you are still angry with your previous employer or maybe you have unresolved issues to think about.

    Are you living out your core values?  It may be time to assess your life progression, your interests, habits, strengths, weaknesses and skills.

    What is your employer of choice?  Where do you want to work?  Research and stay up to date on trends and changes, for example and look at the wider industry.

    Is this your chance to upskill?  What other hidden talents or areas of knowledge do you want to use in your next job.  Sure, you may have to take a lower salary, however finding a role that utilises your other core skills can be truly rewarding.

    Reflect on every aspect of your life for development and think deeply about your career.  What must you become and what do you want to accomplish?

    Maybe it is time to invest in skill-building activities, help others by volunteering or even looking at casual role to get you motivation levels up.  Whatever you choose, believe in yourself.

    New Year, New Beginning

    As we turn into another year, I trust you had a relaxing and refreshing festive holiday season!  Did you give yourself permission to have some quality “me” time?  Starting a new year usually brings renewed energy, ideas and an optimistic outlook.  Then as February approaches, your mind wanders to work, study, children, finances and all the other mundane things.  By March, life gets in the way.  

    We look at New Year’s Eve as not only a celebration of the year, but a chance for a fresh start – that is why we create resolutions.  We all have parts of our lives we want to change, and our resolutions can be sincere.  However, we will make resolutions in the spirit of celebration, with no real thought into what it will take to achieve them.  Resolutions can be useful to identify why we are unhappy or unfulfilled.  Then in a few weeks or months of starting the new year, we give up and ask ourselves, “What is the point of New Year’s resolutions anyway?” Then we feel terrible about our lack of progress and might turn to even worse behaviour.

    Why do New Year’s resolutions fail?

    Many New Year’s resolutions fail because we are looking for a new experience, yet we are not truly committed to real change.  It is easy to say you would like to have a better fitness, so how committed are you to making that resolution a reality?  Do you want to increase your physical activity, or do you truly want to create a healthier body and mindset?  The truth is that most resolutions are not just a matter of doing something once or twice.  Transforming your life requires deep self-reflection, overcoming your limiting beliefs and building new habits.  The best New Year’s resolutions are about setting goals and making a dedicated plan.  

    Decide and commit to making a change.

    I agree, change does not come easily.  It takes at least 28 consecutive days to build a new habit, yet we give up on resolutions in just a few weeks.  That is because we are not willing to change our lifestyles – and all the trendy resolutions in the world won’t work for you unless you have the mindset of creating a true change.  Make the decision now that you are going to change some aspect of your life, no matter how small it is, then commit to making it happen. Do not bite off more than you can chew – it’s the “How to Eat and Elephant” tactic – one chunk at a time!

    Document what you want.

    Should you make New Year’s resolutions?  Yes, however from a coaching perspective, write down your goal!  Not on a computer, or in your head, put it on paper or in a journal.  The main reason why New Year’s resolutions fail is that they are not specific enough.  While it is always good to dream big, you need to break those dreams down into SMART goals.  Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time frame allow you to track your progress and are key to success.  So, if your New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, how will you measure it?  Is it making a certain number of meals at home each week instead of eating out?  Is it walking 30 minutes every day?  Set a reasonable timeline for your goals and measure your progress along the way.

    Keep going.

    As you move forward on your journey, know that there will be some tough days ahead.  A new goal or New Year’s resolutions should help you develop perseverance?  When faced with a setback, or if you feel you have failed completely, do not give up.  Move forward and ask yourself, “What will it cost me if I don’t accomplish this goal?” Turn any obstacles into a growth and learning opportunity.

    Celebrate your success.

    By turning even, the best New Year’s resolutions into goals, you are operating out of a can-do mindset instead of brow-beating yourself for your shortcomings.  Remember to celebrate every success along the way, even the small steps!

    Here are some of my tips to get your motivation levels up during 2022:    

    • Dare to dream: Identify personal career elements, reasons for change and desires; if you cannot please yourself, no‐one else will!  
    • Make it real: Develop a clear career statement with what you want and need because you are the number one priority.  For example, do you want a promotion, new skills or a better job?
    • Explore and investigate: Once you have a clear goal, find out more information through research and follow up on opportunities.  Do you need to look at the health studio memberships or paying for a Nutritionist?
    • Reality check:  Audit your skills, know your strengths and identify any potential areas of development.  Are you ready to start your goal? 
    • Plan: Outline your strategy and list out what needs to be done and by when and describe your relevant responsibilities.  Maybe you need assistance from someone else.
    • Action: Take the necessary steps, be focused and learn from the journey.  Be committed to your goal and avoid procrastinating!
    • Maintain motivation: Be kind to yourself and reward yourself for each small step forward.  A goal is a dream with legs, so make it walk.

    May the year ahead be filled with joy, success and prosperity.  If you need an independent coach or accountability partner, reach out for assistance.

    Coaching Packages

    If you are you struggling to move forward in your life or career and need motivation to achieve personal goals, then a coaching package may hold the key to unearthing your happiness.

    Packages start at a minimum of four hours and are reasonably priced. This is an investment in you, so enquire now about how Julie can become your coach!

    Read what some of Julie’s clients have to say:

    Thank you Julie for your time as a coach and for your fantastic insight into turning a negative situation and turning it into a positive action.The two best things I have taken away from our sessions is let the negative things go, they are not worth wasting your time on and actioning the things that made me happy. Success is the only way forward.

    Doug, Moorooka, QLD

    Having Julie as a coach has been a wonderful experience that helped me a lot to increase my confidence, unravel my priorities, give me ideas about the resources that I can use to reach my goals, being clear about how to respond to interviewers and know how to sell myself professionally. Julie is a great professional and I definitely recommend her.

    Liesel, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie is a great communicator and a consummate professional. Julie has a wonderful ability to elicit values, strengths and goals then use these to guide every session, drive the job search process, and develop a greater sense of direction and purpose. I began the coaching journey with Julie unable to get the interview stage, unaware and unconfident of selling myself to prospective employers. Now, at the end of my short journey with Julie, I’ve had three interviews that went very well and feel very confident that the offers will start rolling in. Thanks Julie!

    Adam L, Brisbane

    I contacted Julie when my acting position was recently advertised as I was very nervous about the application requirements. Julie was fantastic, always very quick to respond and her helpful attitude put my mind at ease. My new resume also looks professional and my final application was informative and easy to read, despite the technical nature. Julie’s extensive knowledge, interview coaching and advice were a great help to me in securing the position on a permanent basis. Thanks Julie!

    Elliott, Brisbane, QLD

    Coaching came into my life when I was experiencing great change and uncertainty in my job. Julie was able to help me refocus my goals, challenge some old beliefs and enable me to view negative situations as opportunities for me to grow and learn. I would highly recommend coaching for anyone who wants that extra push in life in order to tap into their unique skills to reach their full potential.

    Anna, Durack, QLD

    There is nothing that I cannot handle – working with Julie has given me that confidence. Julie joined my leap of faith and encouraged me to think bigger and achieve more that I thought was ever possible. The impact and on-going benefits I have achieved from working with Julie over such a short period of time I am able to carry with me and use every day, no matter what the scenario. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend working with Julie for anyone looking to unlock their own limitless potential.

    Laura, Ascot, QLD

    Julie was instrumental in guiding me to a change in my career path. Julie utilised her extensive knowledge, skills and professional insight to enable me to gain employment in a new industry. Julie is a great coach as she provided key interview tips, polished my resume and assisted me with job applications. I would recommend Julie as a capable life path career coach.

    Lyn, Brisbane, QLD

    Julie has provided me with exceptional customer service in terms of assisting me with my job application for a government department. I was very impressed with her professionalism and would highly recommend her to provide this service to other job seekers looking to get that extra edge!

    Chatali, Brisbane, QLD

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    ICF - Professional Career Coach
    CDAA Professional Member 2021
    John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach